Drag Prelude...WOW! 56K beware.

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-Crower Rods
-JE custom pistons/rings
-darton sleeves
-portflow compétition cylinder head
-ferrea dual valves spring
-ferrea titanium retainers & keepers
-act custom clutch setup
-fidanza aluminium flywheel
-Prodrive 4340 spool
-drive shaft shop stage 4 axles
-unorthodox cam gears
-unorthodox underdrive pulley
-tempest racing customs stainless steel turbo manifold
-Turbonetics T72 ball bearing turbocharger (upgraded from 60-1)
-tial 46mm waste gate
-tial 50mm blowoff Valve
-tempest racing custom aluminum intake manifold
-spearco liquid/air intercooler
-custom aluminum intake pipping
-holley 70mm billet throttle body
-str fuel rail
-rc 1200cc injectors
-sx fuel pressure regulator
-sx fuel pump
-sx fuel filter
-nos pro chot fogger








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Thats the prelude they had in the lobby of tempest racing in maryland. Check out their site. They are very knowledgable with hondas. I would only trust them to work on my car. But check it out http://tempestracing.com/


Wrong Whole!
Yup Yup my old turbo civic was built by them and is now owned by one of their workers

380WHP daily driver

the lude was 750HP but that was with a super tiny turbo in fact they even uesd that SAME turbo to run a D series in the 11s since then the turbo fried due to the stock oil pump gear going out also on the list of parts lost was the crank

this was 16 months or so ago they put a much better turbo "for that motor" on it and fixed the crank problem =) it should make well over 750HP now but they have yet to update the site and I've been to lazy to ask about it