Dropped a valve. Destroyed built z6. Time to swap to b18c. All help appreciated!

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Hey everyone.

I'm new to this forum but not new to Honda. I have a '93 del Sol Si that had a built NA d16z6 making 158whp (Mustang Dyno). It also has a built short-ratio 5-speed with a Quaife LSD and Synchrotech carbon synchro rebuild kit. It's essentially my weekend track car (open lapping, time attack, etc.). Unfortunately an exhaust valve snapped at the neck and has completely destroyed the head and block. Some parts are salvageable and I could try building up a d15b (3-stage VTEC) I have sitting in the garage, but I think it may be time for a swap.

As much fun as it was to build this motor to perform in a way that it was never meant to, I want similar or better NA performance but with factory Honda durability and reliability. That's why I'm leaning toward a b18c Type-R.

I will do my best to research this swap with the limited amount of spare time I have (que the violins) but I would GREATLY appreciate any assistance that's sent my way.

I would like to know what I need to complete this swap. I imagine it's no different that an EG swap.

What other than the motor and transmission do I need? What mounts can I keep (I have 75A poly mounts)? What parts are necessary?

I'm looking to build a comprehensive list so that I can get everything in one shot.

Thank you!!
Welcome to Hondaswap ! post up some pics of your ride :D and like 100% of other swaps into the chassis d/b/f/h/k you need engine/trans/mounts/axles/ecu/linkage , yes sameish as a EG swap, would lean torwards a obd1 swap though unless wanting to convert to obd2a
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Type R swap is my choice for a track car. 98+ if you can.

Pretty similar to an EG swap. I am pretty sure you need B16A3 (Del Sol B-Series) shift linkage.....not 94-01 Integra.

You should be able to use your side mounts but the rear trans mount needs to be B-series specific. I think it's gotta be another B16A3 part but 94-01 might work. Other guys here know the Del Sol swaps better.

You can use your stock engine harness because it's VTEC and most plugs have enough length to meet sensors but you may need to lengthen a few. I had to lengthen the O2 plug on my EG B-series swap. If your a LHD car.....you can't use any JDM harness because they're RHD and everything is backwards.

B-series axles. Used good condition OEM is better than auto parts store brands.

Exhaust will need to be slightly lengthened too.
I am pretty sure you need B16A3 (Del Sol B-Series) shift linkage.....not 94-01 Integra.

the shift linkage is different and needs to be from a Del Sol VTEC, the Integra linkage is not compatible
I used HASports when I did mine, but the engine bay is the same as an EG so this guide would be accurate

If you really want to build that D15b7, try going to high boost and all forged internals. It's what I'm doing with my DB9(awd sedan teg). I know people say you can not use your D16 rods in the D15 because it's 2mm longer, but there is a website that makes custom gaskets and block "shims" that you can essentially add 6mm to your deck hieght. If you want the website let me know, I'm going to try to contact them and see how long it will take then to make my set of gasket and shim for my D15b7. I don't want to do a Vtec conversion because currently I don't have a use or a want to add wiring to my GS harness.
yup, pretty much the only difference is the shift linkage. everything else eg works.

sell the tranny to cover some costs, swap is the way to go.
Quick update.

I picked up an OBD1 JDM GSR b18C with very low km and in excellent condition with an S80 ITR transmission complete swap (not sure if it's pre or post '98 spec). I picked up an Exedy clutch, Competition Clutch 12.3lbs flywheel, Skunk2 intake manifold (single-stage instead of the GSR IM) since it'll be easier to tune, a GReddy 4-2-1 single piece header with 2.5" collector and a ITR intake camshaft. I already have a short-ram intake with Skunk2 intake filter and velocity stack. The Innovative Mounts 60A and 75A engine and transmission mounts are compatible with the b18c. I local enthusiast was parting our his GSR and I picked up a few things from him including new OEM axles. I'm opting to keep the build relatively simple since my last experiment - although f***ing awesome - was an expensive experiment that ended in catastrophe. I'm going to run the build on the Neptune chipped P06 ECU. I've decided to keep power steering but remove the AC. I never use it anyway. Hopefully the power steering lines are compatible...

Just like with any swap, you hope for the best. My bigger concern of all the components is the transmission. You never know what it'll be like until you start to beat on it. Will it grind? Slip out of gear? I may consider a Synchrotech Carbon Synchro rebuild kit for this one like I did for the d-series transmission I had. If they made a B-to-D adapter kit I would have kept my transmission...

I have a set of RDX injectors that I was going to use in my previous build which I may consider using next year when I get it properly tuned.

The swap should be completed before the end of this week.
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and even though its bs, rdx injectors not only are obd2 but you are NA and the stock injectors are more than plenty even with bolt ons etc
They do exist. Bisimoto used to make them (still might). Not sure if anyone else took one to market though.

They do not. I've research this extensively. Bisi had intended to manufacture a kit but it never materialized. I've contacted them with no response. I've contacted other manufacturers that make D-to-B kits and they do not. The closest I could find was a DIY post on another forum made by someone in South Africa. His reason for the adaptation was that D-series transmissions are for more available and cheaper than B-series transmission. For him and others that have done it, it's worth it. Given the extensive time and effort required, for me it's not.
and even though its bs, rdx injectors not only are obd2 but you are NA and the stock injectors are more than plenty even with bolt ons etc

This may be the case, but I have seen first hand what the RDX injector upgrade can do on an NA built D-series motor. I have them so I might as well try them. I'm almost certain that with a little modification they can be used in an OBD1 B-series motor. They were going to be used in my NA d16z6 before it blew.
You have seen first hand what ?..... do you know what AFR is ? You arent making more power just by popping some 550cc injectors in, stock injectors are tapped around 300 wheel on d/bseries and it takes alotttttt of $$$ to get that whp N/A , im done with this convo good day sir, again any pics ? If not just stop
And jesus christ why are we even having a convo abt making power and using a dseries trans... 200 wheel grenades majority of dseries transmissions and they are single syncro turds
Lol @ built dseries comment, soo you claimed made 158 hp z6... thats still less power than a stock b16 and sure still less tq... and a b16 anything 92+ stockish is slowwwwwwwwwwwwww afffffffffffffffffff as ffuuuudddgeeeeeee