Drunk detection systems coming to a car near you

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Yeap..an alcohol detection systems installed in cars. If it detects alcohol from the driver at a certain limit, the car will not start. Not sure how I feel about it. It's obviously a great idea and will definitely save lives, no doubt. But it's obviously going to significantly increase the costs of cars if the Gov makes them mandatory and it's just more government control that I can't stand. Where does it end? Why not put sensors in restaurants that read your BMI and if you are too fat you can only order healthy food? Or put sensors in every store that sells tobacco products and if your too unhealthy you can't buy tobacco products. i dunno...again where does it end?

And what happens if you spill alcohol in your car. I had a bottle of vodka break in my car a couple years ago as i was driving in traffic in Hartford and someone cut me off and I had to brake hard. I had 4 bottles of vodka I bought and one smashed and the whole car reeked of it for weeks. Would my car not start if this was in place? No idea.

is this a good idea, or more government intrusion in our lives?

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The BMI and food analogy doesn't seem like a fair comparison.

My take is that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis and if you're shitfaced while driving around, I don't want to be sharing the road with you. Many people are incapable of making smart decisions even with the new availability of alternatives like ride share. Drunk person + object that was already a potential weapon to begin = very low probability of a desirable outcome.

Do I think this is too much government intrusion? No. If you have a smart phone and use it in a semi-normal matter, they already have access to any information they could want. Knowing whether you're drunk behind the wheel is beneficial to the person next to you with a family.
easiest way to stop this is become a legislator/lobbyist :)

either way not much we can do overall to stop electric cars... nannies in cars... it's only a matter of time until you're driving your audi e-tron and then getting marauded by a bunch of NS5's.