Dseries build, here;s the plan...

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Crazy Insane
Ok, I think I almost have it figured out here...

I've got my fried D15B2 that I want to rebuild and then turbo, but keeping it all on the cheap and not going crazy. I would love to have anything over or around 200whp with the potential to increase that number safely. Here is the plan as far as I can figure it out...

-Block- bored, clearance for rods(?)
-Rods- B18 rods, rebushed and big end bored to fit d crank
-Pistons- possibly egay turbo pistons(dont want low comp tho) or just oem, with heat treating
-internal engine balancing- crank with my 8lb flywheel etc.
-if the head is ok I'll probably just leave it alone, possibly upgrade to a d16a6 head at some point. (or maybe vtrec later)
-Stage 3 clutch once it's turbo
-ummm... the turbo I'll probably be using is from a 1st gen eagle talon automatic, i believe it is a "13g" or something. Might also use the IC from the talon.

I think that's about it... I think this setup has the potential to be extremely affordable, and reliable. Just wanting some opinions, maybe if I can stop being a lazy cunt I'll go out there and compression test the biatch and maybe try to figure out what the hell happenend to her. :D

i would go with oem pistons, i wouldnt trust any internal from ebay. even though you want cheap id try and save up for a better piston, the extra money will definitely benefit in the future :)
^Cool... sounds like oem is the way to go sometimes with honda! :D
I should also add oem bearings and ARP studs to the list...
Can anyone confirm that the B series rods will work with the D15 crank? Also I'm assuming that any reputable auto machine shop can handle rebushing the rod? I read somewhere that you can order these bushings but I'm guessing they can just be machined...

Finally, to save money I was planning on just reusing my old head... I'm hoping just some valve adjustment and that's it... any other suggestions?
My car is frozen into the road right now...
Maybe next weekend I'll be able to work on it :D
No, B-series rods won't fit D15s. The BE bore is the same as D16s and you'd just mill the width(you wuoldn't bore it out).

For the head, just clean up the ports and use a Si camshaft with D16Y8 cam gear.
Sweet, I have an Si cam already :D Have yet to see a Y8 at pick n pull...
Do you mean just an adjustable cam gear or is the Y8 one special for some reason?

Sucks about the connecting rods... are there any junkyard rods that will work with the D15 crank or am I grabbing a crank too? :D

Another thing to ad to the list- fuel pump. Again, looking for the junkyard combo. Don't know squat about fuel pumps... yet.

The Y8 is indexed half a tooth(4.5 degrees) differently than the 88-95 cam gears. It just compensates for the timing difference when swapping the cam in. You can use a adjustable cam gear also and just dial in the difference.

There's no rods that I know that will work minus aftermarket. If you're set on using B-series rod or D16 rods, look into the JDM D15B VTEC crankshaft. It has the same size BE as D16s and would drop into a D15 non-VTEC block. I believe there's a guy or two selling these on D-series.org. It should be noted though if you use the 137mm rods(D16, B18/B20), you have to run 27mm compression height pistons(JDM D15B VTEC pistons, D15Z1 pistons, or D17 pistons). Otherwise, B16 rods will work(they're 134mm, same as the D15s).

As far as fuel pumps go, I'm going to assume the Honda ones are the same for a given year(ie, 88-91 Civic/CRX would be same as 90-93 Integra). If you're looking to upgrade, just go aftermarket.
Excellent... I'll try to find the Y8cam gear or just wait for a cheap adjustable one to be on ebay.

Unfortunate about the rods :p I like the idea of using the B rods because of the price and availability. Would I just be able to get the D16A6 crank and use that in the D15 block?
Thanks for your help!
D16 cranks will not fit in D15 blocks. Also, the deck heights are different so you'd be making it even more complicated.
Holy crap :D I thought that the D15 and D16 were interchangeable but I guess not :p
Well, I know a guy who has a Y8 he will sell me for $300 (Hope he still has it :D)

Since you seem to know... :D Does the Y8 also have toothpicks for connecting rods?
Y8 rods are pretty much the same as other D16s. Only reason to avoid a Y8 is the oiling system is not as great as the older D16s hence why you see a lot more Y-blocks with spun bearings.
I see.... so would the B rods work in a Y8? Still want to boost :D
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for all your assistance. Apparently I have to spread some more rep around before you can have more :D