Dvd Games?

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k i just got me a new dvd player for my pc today (its a Pacific Digital) and it has a feature for playing dvd games?? my question is whats a dvd game?? is it a Playstation game or what?? i know it sounds like a dumb question. i just wanna know if its for Playstation games or not. :D
its not for playstation games ... newer games are F'n huge so instead of putting them on a bunch of CDs they throw em on 1 DVD... that player will support those... i believe there are cracks you can get to allow you to play any of the disk based games on your PC though
Some games will be released on DVD in the future. Like Warcraft and Quake and stuff. I think one of those latest D&D online games was released on DVD.
in related news...

Did anybody play the FnF computer game? Just pop the Dvd in your puter and it should come up if you have the right viewer selected.