DVD ripping

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I know this is shaky ground, cause "creating a backup" is basically a nice way of saying "pirating" anymore, but I am honestly asking for backup purposes. Well, sort of.

My brother purchased both DVD sets (seasons 1-3) of Family Guy not too long ago. If possible, I'd like to be able to rip them onto my computer, not only for backup purposes but so I don't have to dredge out the discs whenever I want to watch any episodes from seasons 1-3.

Does anyone know of any DVD ripping programs that haven't been incapacitated by the film industry?
do a google of dvdshrink 3.2 very nice program. if you run into copy protected stuff that you want to "back up," and dvdshrink won't do it, use dvd decrypter to rip it off and then dvdshrink to compress. there is also a program called doom9 or something.



DVDShrink will rip the image, but it won't burn a copyprotected one. You could always mount them with Alcohol 120% and rip them from there.
Maybe I should specify - I don't really want just image files because I'd like to view the files in BSPlayer. Not really looking to copy, just rip to video files.

Sabz recommended a program called flasKMPEG which I'll try out tonight then decide if I want to pursue it further.
i think dvdshrink rips them off as a vts file, dvd, and it removes the copy right protections. and true u need a burning program, nero 6 is recommended.

ive used this to back up my movies without a hiccup.