DX to SI wiring madness

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i have heard so many things on what wiring harnesses to use. well i went with a 90 crx si wiring harness on my 91 Ls motor. all the plugs are plugged into the motor. now i just got the motor in the car and now im having problems. the piss yellow plug that runs next to the plug for the resistor box. this plug does not plug into my 90 Civic DX plug. also i have a extra plug on the other side of my motor. i have no idea what to do,if anyone has a web site or any information it would help. thanks.
Why did you start doing this swap before you knew what you were doing? Biting off more than you can chew is the expression.

You'll need to:
do a DPFI->MPFI swap and integrate an injector resistor box
add wires for the crank angle sensor in the distributor and graft the plugs from your old distro onto the b-series distro
(maybe add wires for a cylinder position sensor?)
i did research this swap, but i got different answers form different people. i dont know who is right and who is wrong. thanks for the info
Modify your dx harness. An si harness hooked up to a dx harness will not work since ecu pinouts between the si and dx are different.
i don't think you got different answers. i think you didn't research it. you don't get different answers from people who know what they are talking about, because there are not 2 ways for an engine to work. either it is wired properly or it is not. period.
I just completed this swap with the help of the honda gods on here and it is so much easier to use the dx harness and just follow the instructions on the dx to zc swap. All the wires are the same.
need any tips on soldering?


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