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I have a civic hatchback dx that I took out the motor and plan on putting a vx in if not a d15b vtec. what things would i need? I still have the dx trans, so i believe that it should just mount right on, I know i need the ecu, anything else?
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Alright... here is how it goes... U will want the Trany from the D16z6 or y8 or even a d15B trany because the shift points are difrent in the DX. You can use your stock harness in the DX tho you will need to run a wire from your vtec sylinoid to your ECU. The pin will be A4 . The next thing u will need to do is run a ground wire from the oil presure switch to the batary or ground it out on the chasie and run the other wire to the ECU to D6.... Below are the links to the ECU Have fun with the D15B if u get it and enjoy!


PS u will need the p28 or p08 for vtec to work!
if you dont want to do that much wiring you can check rywire.com. they have the stock harness for si's there so you dont have to wire in the vtec, but if you get a d15b you're going to have to get a vtec oil pressure switch, theyre like 20 bucks on ebay if not cheaper. i think you might have to convert the o2 sensor to 4 wire too