Easy Question

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Junior Member
as i way all the options i am getting closer (i think) to understanding a lot of the swap/engine building info on this site...but i still have one stupid question.

do i need to replace the axles and transmission in my car no matter what engine i choose, or will my axles/tranny work with some different motors? and is it worth it to keep these existing parts if they do work?



some motors you do need the donor axles, some don't, some you need another axle from a different motor. i think most b series tranny will bolt on to each other, but different ratio.


Senior Member
as long as you get the axles from the engine you're getting from, you'll be fine. (ie: ls motor, get ls axles.. etc) with the trannies, if you want to go n/a, you would want to get an si tranny because of the close gear ratio's and so forth.