Ebay! Terrible Story

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Senior Member
Hello everyone,

I had a terrible occurence with ebay that I just found out about yesterday. First I tried to log in and was unable to do so because my password had been changed. I was pissed about that because I was going to go on half.com and order some shit. So, I called the QuickLine teller for my bank and it said that there was a withdrawal (sp) of $395.94 reflected on my Debit card. Some fucktard got into my account and charged some shit on my debit card. Now I am battling ebay for my money back. Everybody just be careful messing around on ebay, it can mess your day up all together or in my case your birthday.

damn it sucks that someone did that shit. change your user id and password if you can. good luck with getting your money back.

oh and thats one more reason to use a money order instead of having money drafted out of your account :)