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Any one ever heard of ectune?? supposably it's better than the hondata s300, i read up on it and it does alot of stuff. The only person i know that uses it though sells it. So i'd like to hear about it from somebody else if they've used it..
I've heard good things too but only from one guy....and it does seem to be cheaper than the hondata s300
well, john vega and chris harris are both on their tuner list, so it must be decent. those guys knoww hat they are doing.
well, john vega and chris harris are both on their tuner list, so it must be decent. those guys knoww hat they are doing.

Everybody who new anything on went over to the ectune camp.

Its great if you got cash for a laptop, a license, an ostrich, a hulog, and a wideband. ($500+) Ive tuned 2 cars with it and it has some nice features. Its a cow when it comes to cpu usage so i prefer Crome myself.
I went cruising around chicago recently visiting race shops and most i went to prefer tuning on ectune. i haven't had time to read up on it tho.
I would have gone with ECtune on my ej9, had I not purchased an s300 before I heard about it.

ECtune seems to have a lot more features, and the development is still active, unlike s300. Don't get me wrong, hondata has an excelent product for OBD1 ecus, but ectune's active development keeps them ahead IMO.

The one strike against ECtune is that their all-in-one unit hasn't seen the light of day yet. The s300 was easy to develop my own tune, both on and off a dyno. Although, about a year ago I talked to Calvin, and he told me that a s300-like piece of hardware was in the works.

calvin said:
Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:23 am

very very soon;)

If you're planning on having someone tune your car for you, and not doing it yourself, I'd go for ectune.
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I use crome now it's great, but i'd like to have boost per gear to avoid traction problems in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. thats basicly all i want out of it. the other feature like launch control would be sweet too! The only 2 setups i've heard of or seen that can do both of these is the s300 and ectune. Live tuning with the s300 is pretty sweet too, i'd like to hear the ins and outs of both before dropping more $$$$ basicly if any one knows of the cheapest way to do boost per gear i'm all ears....
I love my s300, honest to god, I wouldn't have half the car I do now if I didn't have that ecu. I didn't take any classes, and I wound up with a car that's almost double the original horsepower (your results may vary) for less than 3 grand if I did it all again. (It cost more than that because I learned as I went. 20/20 hindsight.)

Having never dealt with ectune, I can't speak too much about it. I looked at it, and some of the options almost made me want to reinvest, but as I said before, I was locked into hondata's system.

Hondata's s300 is more designed for people who constantly tweak, tune, modify, and change things around. ECtune is a traditional chip-based system, that feels like it's catored more to tuners, and people who don't want to change their tune nearly as often.

I haven't boosted my car with s300 management yet, but whenever I get back to Germany I plan on tossing a t25 on it. If you stick around, you'll know how that goes. I tuned someone's b20/b18 frankenstein with a t3/4 and it turned out pretty well. THe boost control is nice, and it acts like a factory boosted system, just with less burning rubber.

Both are competitive at this point in time. Hondata's system is more money upfront, but with ectune, you'll probably spend just as much in the long run. If I did it over again, I'd still use hondata's product. I'm a believer.
All around i've only heard good things for both ectune and the s300. The guy that told me about ectune though actually had the s300 and switched to ectune because it does SO MUCH MORE. He's the only one i know that has used both in the same car, but he sells ectune and is an AUTHORIZED ectune tunner. So it's hard to tell if he's trying to sell the product to make a buck or if it's actually better. To me it sounds like a coin flip at this point time. Like i said i just want boost per gear...I'm happy with crome but unhappy with loss of traction in the first 3 gears.. The cheaper of the two would probably be the deciding factor at this point. All the input has been a BIG help. I appreciate every ones input!