Ecu Codes?

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ok i have an 88 civic hb dx with a mini-me (d16z6) swap and i did the mpfi swap and i have a pg7 ecu. i am waiting on an si distributor before i try to start it, anyways i turned the key to the on pos. just before it starts to see if i was getting fuel and to make sure there was no leaks, when i turned it on the check engine light was on but didn't flash any codes. does that mean i have everything correct or do i need to do something to trick the ecu into showing me the codes if somethings wrong. any info would be great thanks.


Hi.. try removing the memory fuse in your fuse box for a minute or two. Turn the car on without turning on the engine. If the check light stays on... then stick 2 pins into this little green box beside your ecu.. then check for the flash codes.. (sorry for the brief description) but you may check with or even at this site under Honda ECU trouble codes for more specific details.
I will recommend a change of ECU to P28 . Write me at if you do need one :p ECU chips available too... :p