ECU Compatability

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I have a Civic LX with VX (vtec-e) engine, the I'm pretty sure that I need a VTEC ecu so I can pass the emissions test. So I was wondering if I can use an ECU other than a p07 in that engine setup. I'm just looking to get this car running right, not racing or anything.


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Originally posted by TeamUrbanChaos@Jun 7 2005, 06:45 PM
the fuck is VTEC-E?? do u mean i-vtec?? what year is the civic?
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No I do not mean i-vtec. The 5th gen (circa 92-95) Honda Civic line had a model called the the Civic VX it had a VTEC-E engine , the "E" stands for Economy or something like that. It was supposed to have like a 40mpg rating.


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You can probably get it to run correcly on a P28 (EX) ECU, depending on what O2 sensor is in your car. If you're using the stock LX O2 sensor, you should be able to run the P28 ECU. If you have the nice VX wideband, you'll have to swap it out for a cheapo sensor (go to AutoZone). If you just want to get the car to run, run your stock ECU- it should work as long as you can connect to the O2 sensor.