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ok. my motor is a d16y8 (obd2). Now, i plan on turbocharging my car this summer. (t25, 10 psi, stock internals, possibly 440cc injectors) If i want to go hondata as my fuel management i will need an odb1 ecu, like a p28. Now, what my question basicly is, is what is socketing? i hear people using it and i dont know what they mean by it. im 99% sure i will need a obd2-obd1 harness, correct? Ecu stuff confuses me for some reason. So any help will be appreciated. Also, if you have any other info that might be helpful, dont be shy to let me know.

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well your going to need the harness if your current wiring harness is in stock form such as a 96+civic,

the harness just makes sure that the pin out and clip is corret with running the older ECu and your more modern wiring issues.

obd2-->1 conversion :thumbsup:
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You "from what it sounds like" making a homemadeturobkit :thumbsup"

sounds like you plan to run DSM injectors.......

not sure if this helps but give it a read around


yeah ive read around there, its very informative. thanks man.
another question is regarding the whole "socketed"thing. ive looked on honda-tech and ebay and some p28 ecus say "socketed", im just curious as to what this means as well.


socketed refers to a female electrical socket that is soldered in place of the main eprom chip(fuel map). when people buy or make chips, its just a matter of unpluging them from the socket and not soldering to the ecu.



great, thanks alot guys. sorry if those, or my next, questions seem dumb its just im new to ecus and understanding them. So lets say i get the p28 with the obd2 connector, it already has the hondata chip in it, im assuming it has the base maps so ill need to get the boost option, correct? another good thing to get would be the gm 3 bar map sensor as well? One more thing, its plug and play, so i can just plug it in and be done? Im thinkin ill need to get it tuned somewhere...right?

Thanks alot you guys.


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Yes, you'll need to get it tuned. I don't think you want to run a base map on a boost set up, but it could get you by till you can get it tuned. Sucks, there's no Hondata dealers or tuners here :(


you cant add the boost option to te base maps, you need the s100 first.

cost p28 socketed ecu 375
s100 250
boost option 180

grand total of 805 before tuning. this correct?


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get the s200. serioulsy. tuners hate it. its a pain to work with. it will take 3 times a long to work with... and well, dyno time will end up costing you more than if you just went with the better s200 unit. plus, its upgradable later if you wish.

a base map will be provided by your dealer.

send an email to they sell hondata at great prices and have a huge lybrary of base maps


the s200 unit only costs like 15 dollars more than the s100, so why not i guess. so wait, why bother getting a hondata chipped ecu for 375 if i can get a stock ecu for 100 an a harness for 150ish then buy the hondata stuff, itll save me money. i mean why bother, if the baes maps will be provided by the dealer who tunes it?