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I have 94 LS swapped into a 88CRX base model. What OBD1 computer should i be getting to make the OBD0 to OBD1 conversion work properly.

P74 is the computer for that motor. Is that my only option? Or is there another computer that will work and may be better?


So much with a little D
Do a search on or visit this link Applications By Vehicle and you would be able to check all the compatible ecu's for your set up... Per hondata all of this ecu's P74,P75,P06,PR4,P72,P28,P30,P61,P08J,P30J,P72J will work with your engine and with the S100, S200 and S300 but I suggest to contact them and ask them what you really need....


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P75 is your best setup they do make that for OBD 0 very rare but its there.