ECU model numbers

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in 88-91 ecus (PM6, PR4, PW0, PR3, PM7):
5spd = 000, 001, 002, A00, A01, A10, J00, J001, C01, C00
Auto = J51, J50, A50, A51, 901, A60, C50, C51, X30, A80, L50, L51

92-5 ECUs (P28, P30, P61, P72, P91, P08)
5spd = 000, 001, 002, 003, A00, A01, A02, C00, C01, C02, J00, J01, J02, G00, G01
Auto = J50, J51, 901, 902, C50, C51, C52, A50, A51, A52, L50, L51, G51

96-00 ECUs (P2E, P2P, P2J, P72, P73)
5spd = 000, 001, 002, 003, A00, A01, A03, C00, C01, C02, C03, J00, J01, J02, A11, C11
Auto = A70, A71, A72, A91, A92, C70, C71, C72, C91, C92

from the patterns we can learn the following:
first letter = country of orgin
J = Japan
C= Canada
second digit, if 5, 7, 9 then ecu is auto usually
third digit denotes the version/variation
L = California emissions or typically high altitude states as well.

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