ecu problem


I have a 1994 civic dx with a d16z6 from the si and am running the p28 ecu.

the fuse for my ECU blew, I changed it, the car starts, but was I let of the clutch to drive it, it blows again. Now I've looked for any sign of a short but just cant find any. I'm assuming then that the ECU is gone because I also tried to read the cel and nothing. Now my question is I went looking for the ecu and they told me that the only ecu that will work for my car is one from 94 - 95 si and ex with manual transmission. I wanna know what happens if I run an automatic tranny ecu I assume I will get a cel but will vtec still work.

Please I need help ASAP since this is my only car. Thank you.


thanks for the response, but judging rom my symptoms, do you think that the ecu is the problem or am I rushing to judgement and what about the year, I thought I can use the 92-95 ecu.


The Trisexual
u can use 92-95 ecu.
You can use an auto ecu.
You can convert an AT ecu to MT.

Everywhere says you can't use parts we know will work. Like I went somewhere to ask about a distributor, he tried telling me I only could use a 94-95 dizzy on my obd1 LS, and he actually refused to sell me a 92-93 one because he said if it didn't work for me...he thought I was gonna come back and complain.


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 21 2005, 06:33 AM
un plug the o2 sensor.  see if it does it again.
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OMFG Pissedoffsol you are a fucking genius I :worthy: to you. How the hell did you know, has it happened to you before. It worked like a charm I just wish you had responded earlier before I spent my money on a fuel pump and ordered a new ecu. I guess I'll have an extra p28 laying around. So you think the short is coming from the o2 sensor wires which I negleted to check. Thanks a million you the man. BTW does the o2 sensor code prevent vtec from kicking in, I think I read somewhere that it doesn't. again thak you.