Ecu Repair

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is replacing a chip something i can do myself? if not, how much will it run to ship it off? its out of an 88-91 siR.
if you can solder then you can do it. really easy.. tell me if you want to... i can give you what it takes on an obd1 ecu.
that would be great! the guy who is giving it to me said who ever put an aftermarket chip in dropped a piece of solder, i guess it was enough to short something out. hopefully, the chip is the only problem.
well.. if he dropped some solder in there then fired it up.. chances are the whole thing is fucked.
i dont know if you would be able to fix it.. if something is shorted out, you would have to trace it down to what resistor, capacitor, etc is bad.. using an ohm meter and there are so many places it could be at.