ecu tuning 101?

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New Member
what's the best way to go for someone new to ecu tuning? currently have an obd-0 setup. is it worth trying to tune or should i swap to obd-1 and go from there? i hear good things about crome but also hear it's not newbie friendly.
What are the setting suppost to be on a Apexi Vafc for a D16z6 ....Like nice tuning with out losing MPG.
all ecu/motor setups are custom,a tune that wors great on my setup could be shit on yours,if you want the best go to a tuner and ave him tune it to your needs,
obd1 is he best to tune,but you can also tune obd0 easily as well
i think i would like to stay obd0, been researching this since i posted. i found a few write ups but nothing promising, even been on pgmfi forums but nobody's too friendly there. any body got a good site or write i can go see that covers obd0 tuning?