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i have 3 PR4 ecus integra...i need to sell them i am asking only 40 a piece for them including let me know the numbers on them go as follows

89 37820-pr4-a52
90 37820-pr4-a60...pending

and now i have
another pr4-a52
a p28-a00 out of a 92 5 speed this computer has a 8200 rev limit...pending
p06-a00 out of a 92 civic 5 speed

give me a call at 847-456-7553 or AIM at relicdude18
or send me an email at [email protected]

so let me know i can also get anything else you want for computers..i just have to find them


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Do you still have that p28? how much you selling for? want to trade for my 98 JDM GSR or 98 JDM Type R ecu? I need to go hondata...hit me back