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I want to FUCKING KILL the people at EDI Express. They managed to get my engine behind schedule which means that I now have only 2.5 days to get the fucking swap done!!! God damnit. My car has no engine and I need to use it monday. I HATE THE WORLD [/rant]

...on a happier note, I love Steve (hmotorsonline.com). He is the man. I called him and he said his going to try and get them to get it here faster!!!



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yea i used to work at a shop here in NJ and EDI express sucks. they show up a week late with the engine in a truck that sits like 5 feet off the ground. I saw the lift gate and I was like good. so then he was like do u wanna pull your forklift around. I was like cant you see dumbass this is a tiny shop we dont have a forklift. he was like "the lift gate dont work" . I was like we're fucked we have not enough people to help us lift this thing from 5 ft. we were like what the hell is wrong with the lift gate?? so the guy says the wiring is all screwed u wont be able to get it working im leaving. so my friend that is like electonics expert and starts messing around with the wires and soon enough the lift gate is working. delivery guy dosent help us(2 of us struggling trying to move a h22 around isnt easy) so we finally get it off. then the guy comes the next week and backs his truck into the business next to ours' sign and tears it down, and used a pallet lift lil thing(the things they use in home depot by hand to move pallets. and he is wheeling the engine around inside his truck smashing into other packages, damaging them. EDI slow SUCKS
sorry bout the long post but when somethin pisses me off I get goin...
steve is the man.


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oh trust me he did, the tail light wiring was exposed right by the switch(crashed into something so the backend was all bent in), so he went at it while the guy was in the shop taking care of paper work. I think he wired it to the turn signal wires so when the turn signal was on the lift would go down, and as it blinked the lift went up and down...lol... wished I could of left work and followed him. lol....


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EDI sucks!

And Steve is a fucking asshole cocksucker! Don't believe him when he says he's trying to help get your motor to you quicker because he won't. He already has your money- he doesn't give a fuck about you now. He's a fuckin LIAR!!! :angry:

Good luck. I hope your motor & tranny aren't fucked like the ones he sent me. I also hope you have all gaskets & hoses b/c the ones he sends with the motors are fucked. :angry: