EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

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Ok, I'm going back to school, I need to get all of this stuff out of my garage before I go. Everything must go! I live in Kansas City MO, soon to be Lawrence KS, if you want to come pick it up. Otherwise I can give you my best guess on shipping, since I hate running back and forth to UPS, whatever I quote you on shipping will be what it costs to ship it. However that is kind of a hap hazzard way of doing things and since I am an honest person, if shipping is more I'll pay the difference, if it is less, I'll send you the difference back in the package. Or you can check it yourself. Sounds fair enough to me. Everything is BEST OFFER + shipping.


-EF passenger side front window-(Off an 89 hatch but should fit all, if I'm correct)

-EF passenger door pillar (outside, black)-(should fit 88-89 crx civic or civic HB)

-EF front door speaker spacer/holder - great if yours were missing (should fit any EF)

-EF passenger door handle - perfect shape (does not come with key, but you can just pop the old one out and pop yours in)- (should fit any EF)

-Both sides headlights (great shape, only thing is the previous owner put strobe lights in them, so there is a small hole drilled in the top of each that could be plugged with a small cork) - (for 90-91 EF, I am willing to sell them seperate)

-The whole set of stock rear tail lights - (off of crx, should fit any 88-91 crx, maybe civic or HB, but I would not count on it, check with someone else first)- (I want to sell as a set, not willing to split them at this point)

-EF passenger front window regulator - (off an 89 HB but should fit any EF, check on that too)

-Two BRAND NEW back floor mats - (BRAND NEW, would work in any EF for the back seat floor)

-Python Injections (same people who make venom nitrous) tuned PM6- lightly used, still has python injections seals on it- perfect for anyone who wants a PM6 with some guts- (will work on any OBD-0 with MPFI and SOHC, maybe some more, I dont know) - This is the only thing that does not HAVE to go, so to get rid of this I need a pretty reasonable offer.

I have pics, but I cannot find how to put them in, if someone can help please do. If you want them, I can email them.

I have never sold anything here before. I have only bought something on here once, and I dont even know if that guy is even around anymore. So I guess you will have to take my word for it. I will give you all of my info though, so just let me know.
hey, how much for the taillights shipped to 32514? Also, only one speaker holder/ spacer thing? when i was young and dumb i threw away my stock speakers while they where still in the holders. im using 5.25 jvc's in 1g eclipse holders now, would like to get my hands on two speaker holders. but i have been on the search for new tailights, mine are busted, so i'd appreciate a reasonable price quote on them.
Ok, well I would really like to keep the set or tail lights together, if you still want them let me know. As for a price, everything is best offer. If you want the speaker holder, I can get that to you and you can buy one off of ebay, since you want a pair. If you are still interested, let me know.
well, first, like i said, you will have to make an offer if you want it. How much is it worth to you? Secondly, I am not going to take it apart because if any of those seals that i took pictures of are broken the warrenty is void. You can kind of see that in the pictures, as you can also see in the pictures, they kinda gunked up the screws so that if anyone tampered with it they would know. I dont want to do that.
80 for the tail lights? well, let him get em then, they only go for around 20 round here. i was gonna say 40 for the lights and speaker cups. well, how does 20 shipped sound for the speaker cups?

i'll trade you my jvc's for the lights and include 20 bucks for speaker cups. does that sound like a decent deal, i'll cover shipping on the jvc's. PM me back if that sounds ok. the JVC's are 180 (or 140, i gotta check) watt max, they sound exellent, they are in perfect condition to. they are 3 way speakers, and they are good for highs and mids and a little bass (they shake my rear view mirror and side door mirrors when im playing Go DJ on 30) using my Pioneer DEH-P5200. You could easily resale those for about 50 bucks, I had some one offer me 75 once, but they didnt know much about cars and speakers and stuff.
yeah, just PM me back and tell me how the dealio sounds