EF hatch si water leak

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Daniel S

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hey guys its me again, im still driving the car till the build is ready and I have had water leaks for about 2 years now I have found a couple like sunroof drains, cowl and air inlet, and safelite even fucked up the windshield seal. I thought I fixed them all but im stuck, when the car is not moving even in the heaviest rain there are no leaks its bone dry but when I drive in the rain I get like 1 gallon in the passenger floorboard.

when I drove it home today it was raining and I was trying to see if I could catch where it was coming in from it seemed to just come up from the floor board or somewhere very low in the floor area. nothing around the door was wet, nothing more than about an inch was wet below the rear seats and I went and moved the ecu to pull up the foam there and the fire wall was bone dry all the way up. I do have my carpet out so I can see everything pretty well.

any ideas? im about to drop like a 4 grand swap in it and id like to not have a swimming pool every time it rains
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there are several body plugs under the carpet. perhaps one of them has come loose and is leaking a bit. Have you jacked it up and looked it over? perhaps you could find the leak from down under and seal it with some flex seal.