Ef jdm fenders..

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I'm just EF'n..
well I've been tryin to find some info on this but soo far... nothing.. soo here goes..

I wanna get new fenders since mines are all busted and dent and what knott.. so I was just gonna get the OEM ones but after looking around I liked Si-R fenders alot since the sidemarker slot is already pre-cut..

So my question is;
will the Si-R fenders fit if I still have the USDM front bumper/hood??
or do I need the whole Si-R conversion to put those fenders on my car??


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from what i have been reading this wont fit, the body lines for the headlights and such are different. i would do the whole front clip if it was up to me, good luck.


I'm just EF'n..
I wish I could..
but I'm poor..:(

from wat I know, the Si-R headlights are longer so I dont think that should affect the corner lights which the fenders connet to rite??


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honestly i think the lines on the lights/corners are a bit sharper on the jdm version, im not too sure. ill do some research, as should you and find out.


The JDM corners (I have the 90-91 without the screws) fit just fine on my US fenders. I'm not really sure how to answer your question. I'm going to pick up a set of brand new SIR fenders from password, just for the fact that they are brand new (get lotsa rusty ones around here) and I assumed they would just fit. The front filler is what I thought was a different size, ie. the US one doesn't exactly line up perfect with the SIR bumper and lights.. meaning there will be gaps.


I'm just EF'n..
aww man..
just what I need to here..:(

oh well, at least I wasn't stupid and just went out and bought them..



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I think the SiR headlights extend toward the hood if you know what I mean. Like Sir headlights won't fit without the SiR hood.

You could try getting stock fenders, getting the lights off of eBay (I checked they're there) then cutting out a hole for the lights in the fender.


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Save your pennies and get this.

88-91 Civic Hatchback SiR Front End Conversion



haha great thread fellas. i've got a 89 ef and that front end is so sick man. i need it.... like crack hahaha