EF Seat Swap....HELP

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That Guy....
So i am looking at doing some seats in my 90 Si Ef hatch. I have come acrost some seats out of a 95 civic DX for a fairly cheep price. I was woundering how hard it is going to put them in before i tear into it...any ideas out there? or some seat fraim diagrams...anything helps thx
yo the stock (recaro) si seats are way better than the eg's do not change. If they are riped get them reapolterd or if u want to stand out there are sir seats on ebay for 300 or less. Stick with EF seats.
there is a really bad rip in the drivers side seat, and the passenger one is broken. i guess that stock look is nice....idk maby reupholstered
Want to sell your stock seats?

You should be able to switch the pan from the stock seat to the eg seat.
it has really bad tear on the driver side the part that sorta comes up when you get in....like when you get in and out that area is bad.