Ef Sohc Vtec

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Hello, I'm Looking for some help in putting a SOHC VTEC motor into an 88 dx coupe. I know I have to change from DPFI to MPFI, as well as vtec wiring. This car is a daily driver and i just want a little more power. I like the whole mini me idea but had trouble finding the information other than just parts lists. I know I could do a ZC but would just like to have the vtec. I wa curious if I could use the harness off the donor motr and plug it into my car and what my options would be there. I'm not looking for 12's or anything my other car is a turbo prelude h23. any and all help is appreciated.
You can get more power from a mini-me than you would see from just a vtec swap. You will need.

z6 head
z6 timing belt
y8 gasket
pr28 ecu

You can either run the vtec wires, or just get a z6 harness. Some people have had problems resulting from going the "cheap" way and adding the wires.
I'm doing kind the cheap swap but I want reliability so i hoped i could use the harness, will the main connectors plug together do i have to run it from motor to ecu? like pull it all the way through the firewall and all that?