EG Hatch with 99-00 SI Front end... OHIO

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I have a 93 hatch. Its my baby, but im looking to change directions a little bit. it has some rust around the rear wheel wells, (nothing major or bad) but im looking for a CLEAN rust free hatch, or a 94+ teg.

My car, 93 cx, 119k on body
Black interior
UDDM d15z1 or b7 bottom end, JDM d15b head, (55k on engine) Not finished building just yet, I also have a D16z6, that is in it right now.
99-00 SI front end conversion (im finishing up the fenders this weekend, so the bumper lines up with the wheel wells)
ACT xtreme clutch set,
Findanza 8# flywheel,
Trans built for turbo (cx trans, with SI FDR) Third gear pulls hard to 110mph...
Si wheels, with Toyo Proxies
Short throw shifter, & shifter bushings
OBX Catback exhaust,
Cold air intake
Pace setter header,
High flow cat.
Full planet audio speakers (dunno if you heard of them but sound great) with componets in the rear,

If your interested, but still not convinced, i can throw in a turbo setup...
IHI Rhb5 turbo (small t3), 2.5" ic piping, Greddy blue box, Cx manifold,
Small intercooler that fits perfectly next to the radiator, and makes great IC pipe routing, BOV, 255 fuel pump (cant remember if thats LPH or GPH, but its high flow)
and a bunch of miscelanious parts. I have everything you need except a downpipe.

Let me know...
Also willing to pick up and drop off.




can get more pics if interested.

Im located in Northeast ohio, but willing to deliver/pickup in a 500 mile radius.


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Originally posted by asmallsol@May 23 2005, 10:38 AM
aproximent price?
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As of RIGHT NOW, within the next 2-3 days, 3500...
I am about to be doing a RHD conversion on it, and am pulling the firewall out of the donar car today.
I have a deal working for another EG hatch, so if you want this one, get it ASAP. If not, Im doing the RHD conversion.

If you want the car RHD, 5500.