EG or DA chassis

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Heya guyz. I want to do a b18c setup but i dont know weather to dump it in a da teg or a eg hatch. My concern is money. Which would cost less and how much less? Labour isnt an issue as i got all the time in the world. :lol:

I know these setups are common but can anyone list parts needed or jus a link.
This gonna be my first setup but theres a couple things that are itchin me brain.

1. When you buy an engine, what components usually come with it apart from the engine and block?

2. When you buy a gearbox what does that come with?

I also hear that cv or hubs to be taken into concideration when doin swaps. Is that true?

ANY help or links appreciated. Sorry if this post soundz newbie but im just starting to get into hondas. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: Honda
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