eg parts for sale.

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boostfreak 417

New Member
i had a 94 civic eg hatch with a ls swap in it, it got wrecked up front so i bought a 94 coupe then that motor got put into the coupe. so ive got a eg shell for part out its still got most of its wiring harness except for the engine. windows are all good except for the front, good hatch, trunk, doors, dash, door sidings, rear bumper is ok scratched up a little. good shift linkages, i even got 2 94 trans that got taken off a d16z6 no grinds, the d16z6 was just put in my ef civic, but im using a 91 si cable trans so thats up for grabs, i also got a carbon fiber duckbill spoiler for the eg hatch, so if any of this sounds interesting hit me up and throw an offer. btw i live in springfield mo. thanks :cool:

i also have the center console for the eg and speedo with tach, some interior trim, and all that good stuff.
how much for the trannys and the duckbill. make me a good enough deal on the trannys and ill buy both im only about three hours from you too.
ive only got 1 trans its the one from the z6, for both tho id prob say 275, hows that. i would even meet you halfway.