EG vs. EK


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So the question is what are the Pros and Cons for have a EG and a EK. I am looking in, into buying a hatch but i m not sure. I hear that eg are like which is good because i want a Track/street car. But Ek are built with reenforced chassis and what not plus they look better. But i really need an answer on which is really the best. and which i can get the most power out of.


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Power depends on the engine and its mods, not the chassis. And both chassis can except the same powertrains. As far as what everyone here will probably tell you, go with the EG. And I think it looks better than the EK but that's just my opinion.



EG for the win.. Its lighter, smaller, and sexier. Lots of people have made viable track cars out of EGs.. Just replace the fugly headlights with "one piece" (headlight+marker) aftermarket projectors and you have a sexy little ride.


heavier - lighter
-- - slightly better suspension design
-- - found more frequently in junkyards
newer - older

You can't go wrong with any Civic between the 4th and 6th generation. There is a much bigger difference between these Civics and any outside those three generations. Civics outside those generations have crappy suspension (solid axle in the old Civics, Mcpherson strut in the new) and don't have as many easy swap options.


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Alright... I was Guessing a EG is better because i see so many of them on the track. i just thought a Ek was better because it was newer and because of its chassis


EF, EG, and EK all have pretty much the same amount of potential. Just pick the one you like the best. None of them will hold you back.


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i have an ef already it jus seems point to put money into i jus think its worth it to do mods to a newer model thats jus my stand point


As said, EG is best for race, no arguments from me ... it's lighter & smaller.

added comparisons EG to EK-

EG is at worst obd1, so it's supposedly more compatable to forced-induction.
EG has more street legal choices for engine swaps.

EK is heavier due to more safety equipment, size, & beefier chassis.

EK from 99-00 is the only civic to get a B motors from HMUSA ... rear disk brakes, rear swaybar, & is said to have wiring which is more compatable to current K series motors ("obd2b").


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see above commets for reason.


seriously, the EG series has about the same potential as the EF or EK, but as said above, the EG is Lighter, has more availible parts, plus parts are slightly cheeper than the EK. its really up to you, honestly, if you really like the lines of the EK, then go for it, don't get a car that your really not going to like.
i've seen guys fully tune up accords that are heavy as heck yet are quick as hell. its really up to bud, good luck


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This is an on going battle in many forums..


both awesome in there own way none of them will hold you back with whatever you decide.. Yes the EG will be little and from my auto cross experience having both cars. the eg seems to be a little more stable. If you decide to only 1/4 mile then EG would be best just due to lighter. My old EG with H22a went 13.6 and 13.1 with slicks bone stock/with shitty clutch. (gutted ofcourse) and the EK with H22a 14.2 with interior. Both great just EG has the lighter. But if you plan to do litle autocrossing also. I would say EG.. As far as looks i think both are hot EK is my favorite out of the 2. But to each is own.

The thing i hate is hearing about you cant do this and that. Yes you can. more motors go into the eg? same go into the EK and its easier. the H22a in EG was a little pain, the ek it fell right in (minus a small little cut due to tranny) The OBD issue. they make a harrness and they are cheap my EK is OBD1. only great thing about eg that Ek isnt there yet. is options. sooo many. from body kits, to aftermarket parts, easier to find eg then ek. ek has a lot just not as many. plus your more likely to see more eg around for parts then ek's.

I dont know if anything i said helped but i hope it does. just find which one you like more and go with it. with all the suspension and other crap they make both can go fast and handle awesome!.


just to show you. this is the EK with H22a bone stock just dropped it in and tested. Still has interior in and everything weight isnt a big issue