Eibach Springs on ebay

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hey I was lookin on ebay and found some eibach springs
I bid on em, but then realized they don't fit my vehicle.
the dumb ass that I am.

so if your interested.
Eibach Sportline Springs

My proxy bid is set at $100 so if you want them you'll have to outbid me.
or if I win I'll sell em at what I win em for plus 1/2 the shipping cost.
who knows there 5days left.
in all honesty, they probably do fit your car.

99% of 88-00 civic stuff for suspension is identical...
the lowering hieght may be less (as your car is lighter), and the rates may be firmer (but thats a good thing)

i'd ask around....
I don't know about the firmer spring rates. I mean I'd like an improvement in suspension, but I don't want my teeth to chatter when I hit a bump.
well maybe some good shocks can help that
My advice for ebay users is dont bid until the last like 2 minutes so you will get the best price on stuff. Must auctions sky rocket in the last like hour before closing.