Ek parts, b16 blocks. gsr and b16 heads...rims. spoon sw388. b series comp cams

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HEY GUYS, IM IN WEST CHESTER PA, all of my stuff is more then welcome for local pickup or i can ship it at reasonable shipping prices. paypal accepted, and cash is more then welcome , most of the prices include shipping. and i can and will ship almost any item i have listed besides trunks,doors,hoods just cause there to dam awkward

this is a small list of stuff i have that i can think of, if you need anything ek related i probly have it. i do have a few h22 , d and b series parts MAINLY B SERIES PARTS !!!!!. AND EK PARTS

-b series vtec valve cover
-99/00 black civic si trunk with factory wing 100
-96/00 civic dash with a title. for you RHD import guys. 600
-17" motegi chrome wheels with new tires 400
-jdm b series auto tranny 200
-complete mini me swap 400
-type r oil coolers. will fit any b series 50 each
-05 rsx black leather front seats. 600
-08 si front seats on ek rails 800
-REAL spoon sw388 wheels, brand new, with new tires 1500 picked up in west chester pa
-spoon steering wheel 200
-gsr power steering pump 60
-03+ si floor mats 75
-03/05 civic si hatch rear cover 50
-apc tach with shiftlight 30
-b series OEM type r rings brand new part # 13011-pr3-003
-b series 81mm weisco rings brand new part # 3189xc
-b series brand new water pump oem honda
-b series STR fuel rail with fpr
-brand new OEM honda, gsr crank
-oem brand new type r oil cap
-oem gsr/b16 head gasket, brand new
-b series v tec selonoids $ 60
-steel braded oil feed line for turbo
-brand new oem gsr crank 100
-integra gsr t bracket
-stage 3 b series COMP cams. 15 passes on them, 300 shipped
-96/00 civic master cylinder
-wiper control
-turn signal control
-any and all interior switches, lights, ect
-civic antifreeze overfill bottle
-eg and ek windsheild wiper fluid bottles
-08 si floormats
-ek auto cluster with 75k miles
-02/05 civic hatch rear hatch cover, floor mats, factory air box
-92/95 K series hasport hybird harness, brand new 300 shipped part # egwk
-jdm b16 timing belt cover with jap writing on it
-99/00 civic eyebrows
-96/00 civic dash pocket
-99/00 civic OEM grill, ex style
eg hasport K20 harness 300 shipped, brand new !
ek K series hasport motor mounts 400 shipped

i have pics of everything, and plenty of refs.

96/98 blue fenders
96/00 interior parts, anything you need i have it. plastics,seats,dashes,rear deck.consol.bezel. grey and gold
96/00 rad support, new
random switches, interior switches. lights
light/wiper controld for 96/00 civic
96/00 civic steering colom with key and all uncut wireing
eg stearing colom with wheel.
ek radiator
gsr power steering pump
96/99 civic ex doors 4 DOOR ONLY !!!!!.. all 4 doors all, complete with panals, glass and guts. 100 each
EF hatch apexi n1 45 degree exhaust, complete with test pipe $100
d and b series dizzys, some new, some used. obdo, obd1, obd2 LMK what you need
throttle bodies, LMK what you need, i have to many to list 30 each, all with sensors
ek passenger side rear glass 20
half shafts galoreeee 20 each
clusters, auto, stick 30
oem ek motor mounts
h22 eg motor mounts.
random brackets and mounts.
bolts and small goodies
t brackets
a brackets....b series tranny bracket, needed for gsr swap in ek
spoon steering wheel. make offer


1994 h22 BUILT,tucked, garret turbo hatch, tuned on aem ems. spoon sw388 wheels 10,000, or will part out

2000 civic si ITR 5 lug with ITR wheels. big brake kit 13 inch rotors. built type r motor, 08 si interior. kenwood navigation system, viper alarm, 12,000

my aim is jo6wo
my email is jo6wo@aol.com
or call 484 905 2292 joe, please email me if you need something i DONT have listed, if you see something i have listed and you need it feel free to call anytime, anything i forgot to put prices on anything thats cause im looking for offers

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My name is Byron.
Wouldnt happen to have a manual P28 or P30 would you?


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On your 96 ek
how much for the plastic around the shifter and the ebrake... 2 pieces
the passenger door panel
the guage cluster if it has a tach

shipped to 20110
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my heads are complete minus intake. a head is a head, intake is totally seprate. so is a exhaust manofild,. totally not a part of a head. the heads are complete heads. meaning everything internally. valve cover. v tec selonoid.

heres what a complete head looks like. minus the oil cap but thats included also


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well the reason i asked is cause a couple friends of mine have bought heads that came with intake manifold's i just didn't know i know it wouldn't come with an exhaust manifold. but i'll let you know i am in the process of selling my other car right now.


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im going to look tomarrow for you, i didnt go out today cause the weather is so naaaasty out. ill im you when i see what i have