EK9 Suspension


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Ok I have a 96 Civic Hatchback and I just bought a set of used Eibach Sportline springs. I was just wondering how much of a drop are they? Can I put them on my stock shocks without blowing them for a few months (not that I intend to, but Im a "baller on a budget" :D). and what aftermarket shocks should I go with later on? I was looking at KYB GR2 for $240 or Tockico HP for $250. I dont have much to spend on shocks and this is my daily driver, also someone told me that with the spring and Tokico combination, the shock will blow. Please help! :worthy:


Thank you for your business.
Go look up the lowering and spring rates for the Eibach.

If you ask civicious KYB GR2s are pure crap, but I don't think they're that bad.