ELD (electrical load detector) CEL

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Hi im from australia, i swapped a jdm h22a into my cd accord vti ( EX ) i get a CEL for the ELD and have discovered that the AUDM accord does not have an ELD in the engine fuse box so what i have done is removed the ELD from the JDM prelude front cut and need to know the pin location of the ELD wiring at the obd1 p13 ecu im using.

my friend did a swap into his EG civic and had to wire up the ELD... he had no drama's because he found the location at the ECU where he had to connect it.

there are 3 wires connecting to the eld , one that goes to the ecu and the other 2 are ground....this is the way he hooked it up and it cleared his CEL for the ELD.