electrical load detector HELPP!!

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i have an acura integra da with a b20z swap. i drove back home and it was fine and i turned the car off. i went inside real quick and i went to turn the car on and nothing it didnt even crank at all. i looked at my ecu and it gave me the code 20(Electrical load detector) and i really dont know if that is a cause of it not starting can you please help me out....
eld is your underhood fuse box, it may need replaced

simple correct answer, though a little misleading.

it's IN the underhood fuse box but is an integral part of it and the whole fuse box must be replaced to fix that.

if you chip your car with hondata s200 i know for a fact you can disable the eld. maybe with other chip programs as well. no guarantees on how it will work for ya like that though.
i just pulled off my dizzy cap and put the car in the on position and the dizzy doesnt seem to move. im wondering if its locked up . i know its kinda hard to explain on here but imtrying my best, but if its locked up im guessing thats my problem