Email (forwarding) services


I am considering obtaining my own email service for work related things. An email I can take with me if or when I leave.
I know some companies offering email forwarding type services for business use.

The AICPA offers a service that would be but you need to be an AICPA member at $465/year, plus $30 a year for email forwarding service, or $100 a year for full eail service including 30GB storage.

Perhaps having my own website with email address/ email forwarding might be a more affordable option?
Something better than
Advice? Opinions? Options?


you can host through gsuite for $5 a month and use gmail but it's not, it's
it may be the best bet to keep things cheap. i'm not sure if there's security concerns. There are a couple of email providers who claim to be encrypted and more secure/etc.

another option, buy a .com through (or your choice of seller... that's who i use) and host it somewhere (like, you know a few people with servers) and you can then set up pop3 email.

This sucks from a multi-machine point of view. Once dl'ed, it's off that machine. you'll also need a client like thunderbird or outlook express (if those are even things any more). If you forward, your outgoing mail will be of your provider. eg, if you forward to, when you reply, it will be from gmail.


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You can get business internet services that come with email, web hosting, and storage. Spectrum Business is one of them.


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I don't really have an answer. But seriously FUCK tying email to a web service provider. works fine for a few years right up until it turns into a bulk email letting everyone know you are changing your email and please update their contact info they have for you.

It's annoying as shit when friends or family do it
It's a fucking unprofessional shit show when a business professional does it
I'd definitely recommend getting an @somewhere that you can keep

For you and your line of work I'd be most concerned with encryption and other security stuffs to make sure that your clients infos are not getting sold off around the web



i'd pass on using gmail for business. google is a huge spam relay, and alot of corp filters are auto-blocking them because of it. X number of hits = blocked IP addresses. i truly hate them any feel bad for any person or company using gmail right now. i've moved to and its been great so far.


We were migrated from Time Warner to spectrum, but I still have my RR email address.
It works nicely for what it is. I can access emails remotely, but then when I open Outlook the emails are pulled from the RR server to my local server, and stored/saved indefinitely.
The only draw back is like B mentioned, once they are pulled down, no longer remotely accessible, but I prefer that as its most likely safer.

Sounds like the domain and pop3 might be the best way to go, will need to do some research. I know nothing about any of this.
If/when I made the jump I would probably hire someone to do a simple website for me, just to have contact info, bio/background and a picture.
Having a website at this point in time exposes my future plans, presumably.


You can have a website and brand it as JH for now and re-brand it later as your own without changing the .com. "ReckedCPA at JH" or similar.
You might also want to consider an office365 account. Buy your own license to have your own exchange server on the cloud since you'll need licensed office products anyway.... it's only 12.50 a month and uses your own .com
DO NOT BUY THE DOMAIN THROUGH THEM. they will own it and then 'lease' it to you which makes it hard to leave int he future. Always roll your own domain from a registrar.


Revisiting this.
Ended up doing a basic wordpress template site, with Gsuite email, and the namesilo domain.

So far so good. Only issue I see so far is the gmail suite does not allow a lengthy email signature, with the typical disclaimers and privacy notices and all that shit.
I'm gonna let it ride for now, look into it more in the future.

Thanks for all the pointers and suggestions everybody!!


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Googles business class email is pretty legit. Major companies all over use it.
I’m not sure if a single user is able to get the same level of email the big guys get access to but it’s a good setup. And no it’s not

The brokerage I’m at provides an email address using the gmail suite. I have a long sig with images and multiple disclosures.

With that being said. I’ll never be tied down to an email that isn’t my own. I personally pay for and use office 365. I really like their email setup. I have my own domain so i get to use my own personalized email address.

Out of the two I prefer office 365 for email. Although google does sync really well with others. As far as teams go. Google does an amazing job tying everything and everyone together.
I love google drive.