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hey guys, here's the quick story, i went to highschool just outside of st. louis for my senior year. anyway, while i was there i met this way cool girl and we hung out a few times. she turned out to be the miss teen missouri in 2000(the year we both graduated) and except for hanging out a few times in the summer after graduation...i've lost all contact with her. anyway i was thinking about old friends today and i remembered her, and i've been trying to search for her email or phone number or anything :( , so i can just say hi again but seem to be having no luck(maybe because she's "semi-famous")? to make a longer story just kinda long, any suggestions on good search methods or anything of that? i vaguely remember her email address from back in the day, something about, but it had some numberes somewhere or something, and it's been almost 5 years anyway so she probably doesn't even have that one any more. anyway, thanks guys


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