Emergency: Aloha Bob / PC Relocator

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Hey guys, I purchased a version of Aloha Bob (The new Professional level, called "PC Relocator Professional") by Eisenworld software.

I can't do kazaa or bitstreaming here at work, and I have the licence and case - No media. Someone walked with it. WITH my licence the company offered to send me new media for $200. It's a $1000 program.

It should be out there, and if anyone can burn a CD and overnight it to me, I'd be much appreciative (And paying).

Companies don't like Consultants that lose software.

-> Steve


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Probably, but it's hard to imagine that there is a $450 difference between the personla, and enterprise (professional) Edition. Only things I have seen with a difference like that would be say Redhat desktop vs server editions or something, but just different program versions of the same thing, like whoa.

Doesn't really matter though, I can't find either, but I am not tapping all resources, I don't torrent or gnutella or any of that shit any more, too many virus, I have other methods :ph34r:


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"Proxy Error
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The proxy server could not handle the request GET /reviews/software//utilities/stories/61195.html.

Reason: Could not connect to remote machine: No space left on device"

What the fuck.. Ziff Davis would have a cow if he saw that.

anyway, There IS a difference of $450 between the pro version and the Personal one. Shit, you should see the Enterprise edition. It's a fat, expensive program and it pisses me off - but it works like a charm.

-> Steve

I think I have a copy, I need to make an ISO and go to town, checking to see if it's the same thing. Then my job will be saved.