Emission problem

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Hi all,
I have a 98 Accord LX with 6 cyl. It has a Emssion problem for 2 years and the check engine light is on and with code P0420. Someone told me I need to replace the CAT converter which costs me about $1000... However, currently I need to have the car inspection and may have the emission inspection. I really do not want to put so much money on it. Do you guys give me some suggestion to pass the inspection with litte money cost? Im in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thanks a lot.
You could always try to replace it with an aftermarket CAT. Or check the junk yards/salvage yards/auto recyclers to see if they have any you could buy.

Here is a good place to start:

PartsTrain.com - Hard to Find Auto Parts and Truck Parts - Catalytic Converter - 1998 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter Stock Replacement

An exhaust shop should be able to install that for you if you couldn't/didn't want to, and it shouldn't cost very much at all. You can probably get away with replacing it, including labor, for one quarter the cost you were quoted before. Not to mention it comes with a warranty. Replace the CAT and reset the ECU and you should be good to go.
You can either unhook the battery or yank the fuse. Whichever you do, let it sit for a few minutes after unhooking/yanking, and then put it all back together. Unhooking the batter is going to reset all your presets for the radio, and will more than likely make you enter in your radio code. If you have the stock radio in there, and you need to enter the code in but don't have it, you can try to find it here:


Good luck!