engine choice for swap!

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i have a 96 lx sedan that spun a rod a month after i bought the car lol anyway i bought a used b18a for $200. but was very confused about a wiring harness for the engine. so i was wondering if it would be easier if i got a high comp. b20b. or can i just buy a new harness for it? i also have a gsr head with manifold and a lsvtec oil kit that will be going on the engine as well. sorry if im not making any sense. its my first swap!
Long as same obd generation and manual the wiring harness is the same its plug and play and swap ecu's
well i know my lx is obd2a, im guessing the b18a is obd1. i had contacted swapshopracing and they said if i sent them my lx harness and a b16a harness they would splice everything together for me. but i feel like thats a waste of money. when i could get rid of the b18a and get a low mile b20b for the same price and everything be plug and play.