Engine Codes,, Help now

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Ok so i know its the B16A, now i got the clock signs wirtten down from over the headers.

1/6 <-- or 1/9 <-- or 7/6 <-- or 7/9 ( its upside down so i dunno what is what, its one of the four) then it's , \5 , 3|2 , 6|0 <- or b|0

some help would be apreciated on that. I also got the tranny number.

Engine code is , B16A 1214120 HM.

Also, what can I do with the engine mounts from enjo, did they not fit because the tranny is hydrolic? or the fittings are all the same?



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Cable trans has a lever on the front side of the trans. Hence physical cable pulling the clutch.
EDIT: can't speed, corrected. :lol:


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My trany is J1.... so it must be a cable tranny. Now for the engine what parts can I buy for it ..

del sol
integra ect??