Engine Codes

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was wanting to know of some engine codes other then b16 and b18 to put in my 88crx hf i just dont know what to put in it i was going to try some crazy stuff then i found out id be spending a but load of money so now i just wanna stomp z28 and trans am's and a fewothers along the way im new to the imports so i dont wanna get flamed if i say something wrong....had to add that :D


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I don't think he meant CELL codes,but rather engine codes B16,B18.You can put any B,D,and H in there all with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the motor.

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in that light ass HF, you'll be PLENTY happy with a b16. It already has MPFI (Multi-Point Fuel Injection) so you'll only have to add 4 wires to your stock harness...

Vtec Solenoid
Vtec Oil Pressure Switch
Knock Sensor
2nd o2 sensor

hasport has the charts for pin locations for that swap. get the basic bolt-ons and maybe some valvetrain upgrades and you'll have trans-ams begging for mercy.