Engine cooling with home made turbo kit

some white guy

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ive looked around for a bit, but cannot find out how you would still run cooling fan(s) for your engine with a turbo setup? Do you just use 2 of the fans that mount in front of the radiator, like the ones on the a/c condensor?
depends on the car and your manifold.

some manifolds you can still run ac
some will let you run a full size integra radiator
others, no a/c, and a civic-sized half radiator is required

some white guy

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its a 90 civic ex, with a d15b2 running a STD manifold... all the similar pics that i saw showed a full size radiator, but about 1' of clearance... but no fans... i remember seeing a fan that went on the front of the radiator before, i might have to use 2 of those, and maybe an aluminum radiator if i can get a heat shield for the turbo and manifold...
a 92+ civic half sized radiator is more than enough cooling. pick up one from any civic, and and hack on a foot in the middle for a support bar


and you can always get a slim fan, just make sure its way clear of the turbo or you're gonna melt it and waste whatever money you shelled out for it