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How long do stock 94 Ex engines usually last. I found a white civ 2drw/150000miles for 2k. How much should I offer.or is it not worthit


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depends on how well it was serviced.

oil change every 3K then it'll last a hell of a lot longer than if if was only changed 3 times


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Originally posted by FFCiv@Mar 28 2003, 12:31 AM
Is it worth it?


That is a good price. ;) depending on the over condition of the car also.
yes decent price make sure its not salvaged and look for rusted susupension(back east cars suc to work on) and if your on this board iam assuming that you are going to swap it anyway so if you plan on swapping soon then dont worry about motor condition. i would worried more about the suspension includin a arms rear trailing arems ect.