engine #'s

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on the engine list you cant send in new info and i have the bore and stroke #'s and compression for the 5 gen civics

Bore X Stroke
2.95 x 3.54in... or... 75 x 90mm (EX, Si)
2.95 x 3.33in... or... 75 x 84.5mm(CX, VX, DX, LX)

9.3:1 (VX)
9.2:1 (EX, Si, DX, LX)
9.1:1 (CX)

just wanted to make sure you had all the info


cool- i'll let miike (calesta) know. hes in charge of the updates now. i know theres a bunch of stuff in there that needs updates... and we've had a shit load of submissions... just need time.