Engine swap check engine light

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Hello. I have a 1994 Civic. I swaped out my d series engine for a b18c. Its a JDM GSR. I keep throwing a engine light for a knock sensor. I changed the sensor, and it didnt fix the problem. I had to wire the vtec and other needed wires for my swap. I purchased a swap harness kit that had all the needed wires in a sub harness that just plugged into the ECU. All the wires look good and are stongly connected to the ECU. Light will not go out. Any info or tips would be great.
Make sure you have the knock sensor wire connected on the correct pin location D3=KS for Obd-1 only.
Where should the wire be? My civic is OBDI and my engine is OBDII but i got the OBD converter harness.

dont quote me on it but i believe if youare running and obd1 you can disable the knock sensor without any engine effects this will take away the engine light. some people have to do this when using p28. liek i said dont quote me but look into it i think it may be your issue
Light Still on

Knock sensor in correct spot. What else could throw the code? My buddy metioned to just disable the knock sensor. Is that worth the time and engine?