Engine Swap Questions


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I just got another 1991 Honda Prelude Si 4ws. It was stolen and was sitting for awhile, and now it burns oil at rpm's above 4.5k. The guy at the honda dealer told me I need rings.

Now the car still performs well, it even out performs my other prelude with a B20A.

My B20A engine feels stronger, but the B21A1 in my other car has more torque to it. WHat should I do if I have to replace the engine? Is it hard or what not?

I have no idea as I have never had to do engine work before. Atleast not on a honda.


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Well im currently in progress of switching motors...it takes a while...but its not that hard...just make sure you have the right tools for the job


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Tools are not an issue at all. I have all the needed accessories to do major car work. I just wanna know if it's hard to do rings, or if it's even worth to do the rings at all.