Engine Swap Shop In The Toront, Onatrio Canada.

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Yo, i was just wondering if anyone has some links to a couple of shops where a can buy an engine, and install it? This would be in the toronto area of course.!

I've been reaching my self the last few months , but i'm just comparing prices.

Today actually i talked to one place the guy said he wanted $3800 for the engine b16sira2 for my 99 civic si coupe. The engine also came with LSD trany. So that was $3800, or $3200 without the LSD.
Then for the install he wanted $1100. All prices are canadain funds.. So $5000 all together.

So my questions are whats a good average price for this motor = b16a2 sir?

And how much would the average install cost with the 2 extra mounts that i need? $1100 seems i little high.

What does a LSD trany go for? and is a good addation? I know the type R's have them.

Well thanks in advance

Give Preben Kristensen a call at Kristensen Racing Engines - 519.652.3434 - he's in London, ON and can help you out. Tell him I told you to give him a call...

ya thanks but no thanks that dude wanted 10G's , that fu@@kin crazy.

need more info guys, please help out

splitfire wants @$4500 installed, thats better.

But how can i trust any guy at this shops? Do i have to be worried about getting ripped off, or them tampering with the motor?

Paul at spit fire is very good at what he does. He has a 9 sec hatch himself.
His work is also clean. The only thing u have to worry about is the motor!
U can also call Dave at Defcon (905)683-1555 very good work and they now there stuff.