Engine Swap

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I have a 99 civic ex coupe. I was reading a forum that said you could put a b16a1 into the 99 civic because it is easy to switch from obd1-obd2. Is this true and would this be a good engine ? what else would need to be done if this engine will work ? And also, sorry, my buddy said since I blew my sohc d16y8 (i didn't sieze up) he could build it, with better pistons and stuff (I obviously know nothing about engines) and could make it faster. Is this true ? I'm just short on cash right now and the person that was supposed to be getting me another engine (mycivic8u) is a total flake.
the B16A1 is OBD-0 not OBD-1
your car is OBD-2 .... wont work without a LOT of wiring

B16A1 has a cable tranny
your car has a hydro tranny

the B16A1 is too old to legally put in your car (in most states you cant put an engine in that is older than the car, or at least from an earlier OBD gen)

D series engines are not worth building
yeah when people see the $1000 higher price tag on the sir2 to the sir1 swap obviously your brain tells you to get the cheaper one.. save yourself the headaches, don't put a b16a1 in your 92+