Engine Work

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Give me some ideas of work to do to my 02' Civic EX SOHC engine. I got intake and headers right now. thanks
yea, you only have one header. get a FPR and you u should buy yourself some throttle in a bottle, and spray the piss out of that sohc. :)
Basically the d17 is the black sheep of the newer Honda's. They have a plastic IM (n2o will "blow it up" if put to much on it. The cranks are different. Nothing relaly made for them that is worth a fuck. Im sure other stuff i'm missing. Go check out honda-tech.com they have some posts on them. Your best bet is a 5 speed RSX tranny and a RSX type S motor or any other k-series you wish to put together.

Throw the d17 off a bridge with a fuck you Honda letter attached. :)